Thursday, February 19, 2009

painting of a house - pen and ink drawing

Pen and ink drawing painting of a house, commissionI have painted alot of home paintings and pen and ink drawings as commissions for customers in the last year in watercolor and pen and ink. This is my latest. I really loved painting and drawing this work and it has much depth. The foreground starts with a lake in Great Britain, in front of the lake the lake crashes on a rocky shore with a cobblestone wall, the walkway leads up to the home and on the way the viewer can see an old wooden swing to their left and a gorgeous treehouse to their right made from old wood. This is a vacation home and the fall forest in the background against the light blue sky adds the last element of depth making this watercolor almost appear like an oil in detail. If you want a similar work created send me an image, my current prices are 11 x 15 inches 159, 15 x 20 inches 259 dollars, 18 x 24 359 inches. It usually takes me one to two weeks to finish the work and then I can ship it to you insured but will send you a photo of the work first by email of the completed project. I am an artist who paints houses and have been doing this for a long time, honor me to make your special one of a kind keepsake artwork.

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