Sunday, April 27, 2008

A scam to look out for

Below is a Scam email going around. I got this this morning from Artist-Listing. I get these kind if emails all of the time.

Name: Phillips Adams
Message: Hello, My name is Phillips Adams, I am an individual art agent and interior decorator from Glasgow, Scotland.I got an order for the supply of some artworks from a client, and when i came across your portfolio while searching for good artworks, I found some of them to fit what i am looking for and great for walls, My client would like to make payment to you by credit card at the price i am selling and i will expect you to ship and send me my commission/margin afterwards.I am looking forward to a long term working relationship. Please let me know if you do commission work and if you accept credit card payment before we place orders ,and if you have questions please feel free to contact me on Hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards.


Jeff Bowser said...

Ah yes, "Phillips". Glad you're posting this stuff on your blog. Very smart to get the word out. I, too, have had a bunch of these...

Unknown said...

Thanks truly, I also got this exact email. What's the point in scamming an artist, really? LAMO!