Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Barn and Silo Pen and ink drawing

Barn and Silo Pen and Ink drawing 9 x 12 inches, from a photo taken in Virginia. Original drawing with India Ink 129 dollars below.
Or purchase a 9 x 12 inch art print for 20 dollars below.

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Anonymous said...

You do beautiful work. I love a piece you did called "Barn at Night." It makes me feel peaceful and yet in wonder. I am brand new to pen ink drawing but am falling for it fast! I hope my art will someday evoke the feelings yours do.

Anonymous said...

This piece looks a bit like the work that my father drew when I was a little boy.
I used to take my fathers artwork to school and show off to all my friends. Up until one day some guy saw me walking down the street with it and offered me $200 for it. :)
My dad was upset that I sold it because it wasnt the money he cared about, some how the art was more valuable to him than anything else.