Sunday, July 12, 2009

Old Farm plow seeder acrylic painting

Old Farm Plow Seeder acrylic folk art historic antique vintage painting, rustic old tools from the farms in the southern United States a piece of Americana from the country. The original of this was juried into the National Exhibition in Perry GA in Sept 09. These plows are still laying around down old dirt road farms and this one is very rusted. 18 x 24 inches rust color painting with acrylics on canvas with painted sides, no need to frame. Original not for sale but this is earth color artwork is available as a limited art print, size 11 x 15 inches for 35 plus 7 for shipping. View more art at my gallery at
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Hi Derek:
Your painting is good and strong. I like your work!!
I always said "One must always Plow the way for the Seeder"
[That is a seeder you painted,LOL.I used them many times]Good painting.