Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Large beach oil painting

24 x 72 inch beach oil painting on canvas. Wow. I was looking through photos from years ago and realized I did not take photos of my paintings from 1982-2001. Basically I think the internet is what forced me to start photographing my art. From 1982-2001 my primary medium was oil landscapes and seascapes. In 2001 this work hung behind my living room couch. A friend visited and made me an offer to buy it off my wall that I could not refuse. I love how I used to paint some of the most beautiful skies with my fingers and no brushes. I used different techniques, some with fan brushes and others with my finer tips. These oil paintings take about a week to dry. If you want to commission a similar work send me an email

or view my paintings at Beach Paintings

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