Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Magnolia Tree Flower Painting

Magnolia Tree Flower Painting white floral still life 3 original watercolor painting modern and realistic, southern United States tree. Beautiful white flowers bloom on this tree in the south. I will always remember this tree as my grndmother's favorite in Douglas Georgia. Those were the days I will never forget.

In 1703 Charles Plumier described a flowering tree from the island of Martinique in his Genera. He gave the species, known locally as 'Talauma', the genus name Magnolia, after Pierre Magnol. The English botanist William Sherard, who studied botany in Paris under Joseph Pitton de Tournefort, a pupil of Magnol, was most probably the first after Plumier to adopt the genus name Magnolia. He was at least responsible for the taxonomic part of Johann Jacob Dillenius's Hortus Elthamensis and of Mark Catesby's famous Natural history of Carolina. These were the first works after Plumier's Genera that used the name Magnolia, this time for some species of flowering trees from temperate North America.

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