Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poetry and Art - by Carol Anne Henderson

I am honored as Carol Anne Henderson, a really great poet has written several poems about my art. They are below:

Playing with The Wind

Walking down the pathway, doing what I do
I suddenly saw a flower playing with the wind
It took me by surprise to see this new play
Flowers shooting colors and laughter my way
The wind was romping ,which made the flower laugh
Drawings in the field, made me stray off the path
I had to look closer, such joy made me grin
Hey little flower, can I join you and the wind
The wind took my breath away, the flower held my heart
Would you like to stay with us , just sit back and laugh
Sitting with the flower, who was playing with the wind
Swaying back an forth, cradled my soul within
Stop rubbing your eyes at the things you can't believe
Curtsy to this theater that brings you to your knees

Carol Anne Henderson

Your Gift

I watched you this Winter, aloof and tall
Standing all alone, putting writing on the wall
I wondered where you came from to be here alone
Your feet in the water, as I sat upon my throne
I wanted to touch you, so you could tell me more
About the life you have, standing on the mirrored shore
I prayed no one would hurt you and allow you to stay alone
So all could watch in glory, at this statue like a stone
Some days you were here, some days you were gone
I missed you this spring when you left me all alone
Feathers soft and stoic, upon blueness rippled grace
Its almost like a whisper, a secret took your place
The gift you left for me , I'll always wonder where you are
Softness of the unspoken, flying with the stars

Carol Anne Henderson

The Light House

The Lighthouse is calling, calling with His light
To all those in need to come in from the night
There's plenty of room inside for all who are lost
The starving and the hungry who cannot find the cross
The children and the women the men can all come in
Children no longer hungry, the homeless are welcoming
This is the place of sanctuary that stands upon the shore
Come on all you people, come all you rich and poor
The tied and the lonely, the children with no shoes
The man who cannot read , sharing all his news
The Lighthouse beam is shinning ,this brilliant light is on
Calling at the distance singing sweetly at this storm
Of love and of comfort for the people of all streets
Safety for all who enter where truth and beauty meet
The night if full of darkness when your lonely in the cold
Step in this warm Lighthouse, to open arms that hold
To lay down your anger, to wipe away your tears
Gently soothe the pain that filled your heart for year's
There's a fireplace inside, all are welcome here
Beds and food and blanket's to cover all the fear
So look towards the night sky and see this mighty rock
The Lighthouse beaconing, His protection time can't stop

Carol Anne Henderson

I first saw Carol's work on You Tube and have placed a link to it below:

It is a very emotional, moving, youtube video about Death row dogs in New Mexico and the USA.

The video is directed by Gisele Veilleux.

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