Sunday, January 13, 2008

December art newsletter part 10 sunflowers 2

Sunflowers II

This painting has a very unique technique applied to create depth and texture for a watercolour. I began this work with a pallet knife and gesso applied to 140 lb stock Arches watercolour paper. The gesso was applied to create structure for the flowers and a diminishing background with less granulation. After the gesso dried I painted the watercolor normal but could not apply a wet on wet technique as the gesso absorbs the paint when applied. The paint applied over gesso created a 3D effect for the overall painting.

“Sunflowers II” is one of my first watercolours. I became accustomed to completing oil paintings and I used many oil painting techniques with this watercolor painting. Many people have told me this painting reminds them of Leonardo Da Vinci’s floral works. That was not my attempt, as I stated this is a very original work, the only one I know of that is watercolor over gesso.

I have always loved sunflowers. When I was younger I can remember my Grandfather taking me out to the sunflower field. It was 67 acres of sunflowers. I can recall bringing back several sunflower heads that were dried for baking in the oven. The rest of the sunflowers were harvested and sold at the end of the season.

Today in the grocery store we see organic this and organic that with the price of the items doubled because the products are organic. I was born and raised in a time and place where everything I ate was organic, on a huge 2,000 acre farm. Sunflowers remind me of good times and hard fu work while growing up on a family farm. One day I hope to have my own garden and grow my own favorite organic fruits, nuts and vegetables and sunflowers will be among that organic garden. 9 x 12 inches
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