Sunday, January 13, 2008

Daisies watercolor flower painting

2 Daisies

2 Daisies marks the beginning of my floral close-up whimsical impressionistic series of paintings. This painting fits nicely in a bright, colorful room to make the room even more bright and colorful. I used the wet on wet technique for painting this work and it is my first daisy painting also.

The brilliant splashing effect and cool colors in the background promote the mix of whites and light grays composing the flowers in the foreground. The sunflower buds are a mix of wet on wet yellows with orange and raw umber mixes applied to the wet yellow. The key to this technique is not having wetness on any of the outside of the flower bud.

When painting wet on wet I keep the portions I do not wish to be affected dry. Watercolours are indeed magical when working wet on wet and they have their own identity. You can never replicate an image that was painted wet on wet; not even the artist themselves.

9 x 12 inches original painting
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