Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wild grapes still life watercolor painting

Wild Grapes

I completed this work in winter 2001 while doing an exhibition at Chateau √Član Vineyard in North Georgia, USA. The vineyard kept bringing me different kinds of wine as I kept creating personalized commissions for customers. It was a very fun weekend. This particular painting represents the balance I add to my life through art and combining art with memorable experiences.

Art adds balance to my life. Everyone needs balance in his or her life to alleviate the inevitable daily stressors involved in the hectic world. To add balance in my life I spend as much time with my family as possible and have various hobbies that take my mind away. My hobbies that help create balance in my life and help me relax include art, cross country hiking, salt-water fishing, and competition archery.

Grapes serve multiple roles as a fruit and also a base for fine quality wines. I only paint when I am inspired and in a good mood. Basically any time off of work I am in a good mood. Not that I do not like my work, it is just that I try to take full advantage of my time when I am off of work. I have never been the type to sit around on a weekend off. While painting this work the wine was whispering as though it was a compass in my head calling me to have a drink of all the different types of wine the Chateau √Član Vineyard offered.

Grapes = Wine = Romance. Every time I see grapes I think of wine and when I think of wine I think of romance. I think that society has given wine that image. Sweet, soft red wine simply melts in your mouth and tantalizes your senses. The beauty of red grapes and wine compliment the desirable atmosphere for romance 9 x 12 inches ---SOLD---

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