Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Created in 1732 the Tybee Island Lighthouse stands watch over the seas near Savannah, Georgia. The lighthouse is only several hundred meters from the ocean. Half way between the ocean and the lighthouse, on the beach, there is a cabana where romantic weddings occur as a local tradition. The historic site brings out the romance during weddings and many visits by tourists each year.

To me this painting symbolizes the lighthouse as the watcher and protector for the seamen. For centuries this lighthouse has provided a landmark for navigation for fishermen and sailors coming to the New World. Imagine how many lives the shining beacon that lighted the path back to land has saved.

The Tybee Island Lighthouse is by far the most powerful architecture structure on the beach. Travelers feel the wind in their face and the sand on their feet as they talk relaxing walks down the beach shoreline. Wherever you are on the beach the lighthouse is in view. The lighthouse has over watched weddings; romantic walks, and watched patiently as times have changed over the centuries. It stands tall as a monument for pride and freedom.

I have seen many lighthouses and this one is by far my favorite as the mood is so romantic at this location. It is near Savannah, Georgia, another historical city where you can still visit the past. I painted this painting en plein air on Tybee Island. As I painted the painting 2 weddings occurred at the site. Notice the sky in the painting. I captured a realistic view of the sky on that cool fall Saturday evening. The tree is black for a reason. The sun was setting in the east over the Atlantic Ocean and the palm tree appeared black. The palm tree is actually painted with India Pen and Ink utilizing a quill. When I look at the painting today I remember clearly the relaxing feel in the air, and am reminded of the feeling of love and commitment surrounding me on that day. 11 x 15 inches limited edition print 32 dollars
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